Advancements In Biotechnology And Childbirth

Pregnancy is a painful yet heartwarming experience. It is the miracle of life and it can certainly be counted as one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. Being a parent is much more than having a child, it means being more responsible and thinking about every small action and how it may affect everyone around you. Being a parent is hard, it demands sacrifices and adjustments, it forces parents to change the way they live. In today’s day and age, pregnancy is not as painful as it used to be. With the help of technology and modern medication, we have devised many ways in which we can make the process of childbirth less painful. Back in the day that was not the case, people had no modern equipment and there was no way of helping with the pain. One of the biggest reason why some children had to grow up with a single parent back in the day was to do with the fact that often times mother’s would suffer a great deal of pain during childbirth and some of them could not go through the pain or there were other complications. This was also one of the biggest reasons for miscarriages and infant death.

Another reason why death rates were so high for expecting women and infants was the lack of research and knowledge. There was no proper way of knowing what was happening inside back in those days, people were not that learned and had to do things the traditional way. There as no strict code on hygiene and cleanliness and there were no other ways to give birth to a child.

Today that is not the case, there is more than one method of giving birth, there is more information about the human body and how it operates then there ever was, there are qualified doctors and surgeons readily available and hygiene is followed very strictly. There are near to zero chances of a mother catching an infection or getting hurt in any way and there are ways to numb the pain using anesthetics and opioids. 

Even before the baby is due, with today’s technology we can easily determine if the baby is healthy inside the mother, we have scans that allow us to see the baby as it is forming inside the mother, we can be certain about the gender of the child before it is born all thanks to advancements in medical technology. Expecting parents are taught important facts about the do’s and dont’s while the baby is forming and mothers are given specially made diets with regards to everything they will need to keep the baby safe and staying healthy. More information is provided about how expecting mothers should go about their day without causing any harm to their little ones. There are also items such as maternity pillows and U shaped pillows that help the mothers get comfortable and keep their baby safe.

Drops in infant deaths can also be credited to advancements in science as there are much better nursing houses where nurses are qualified to take care of children in a safe and hygienic way. Items to ensure the kid’s comfort are also easily available such as nursing pillows, cribs, blankets, and baby carriers. These items might seem insignificant but as newborn babies are very fragile and can get hurt very easily it is better to be safe and carry them in nursing pillows or baby carriers to ensure that the baby does not endure any injuries. Advancements in the field of technology have allowed us to lower death rates and take better care of our little ones.

Advancements in biotechnology have created many different ways of helping infants and pregnant women. Without the help of such technology, we would still be facing the same problems people were facing just fifty-sixty years ago and as technology keeps on getting better we can safely assume that in the near future death rates will drop even more and childbirth will be a less painful ordeal to go through. As scientists and researchers keep up the good work we will get to know even more about how the human body operates and understand every small detail of childbirth.

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