Baby Nest; Your baby’s perfect partner

Baby Nest is the beautiful collection of Mama n Me stands out for its high-quality fabrics, providing absolute comfort during play or rest baby. Baby nest provides maximum security and allows many different uses. You can take it on a trip, use it at home or sleep with the child. It is fit since birth and can exceed one year of use.

Baby nest, with beautiful blue and blue tones, is one of the broadest in the market. It fits perfectly with the growth of the baby by regulating its edges according to the needs. Its interior of the mattress measures 75 cm long x 40 cm wide. The exterior fits great in a crib reducing space and providing security to the smallest of the house.

For parents who plan to use this nest in a co-sleeping way, they can sleep very calmly with the baby because its edges protect the baby from accidentally crushing it. Baby Nests are multifunctional, soft and easy to transport.


baby nest baby care mamanme

  • Total safety for the baby
  • It can be used in the crib, reducing its space and protecting the baby at least during the first year of life
  • It fits its size according to the needs and size of the small
  • Pleasant to the touch. Its interior fabric is made of cotton and inside soft velvet fabric
  • Inside it has a comfortable mattress made of breathable, anti-allergic foam that provides greater freshness at rest time
  • Materials and filling of the highest quality. The mattress is removable and the rest of the cradle nest can be washed whole in the washing machine.
  • In all its perimeter, this nest Best Nest has an integrated rope with safety stops to regulate its width to our liking
  • The Best Nest also allows opening its sides fully becoming a playground, a changing room or allowing more space for larger children
  • Once the nest is open, it will not have any string in sight, so it is safer than other models that allow opening, but its ropes are attached to it, so they would not be as secure as Nest.
  • On the sides, it has two handles for easy transport

When we think about making new products, we investigate and a lot!

And we discovered the baby nest, used in the UK since the mid-nineteenth century, these nests were sacks, mattresses, boxes, nests so that the baby could sleep and take it everywhere.


      Ways to use baby nest:


 baby nest adjustable mamanme baby care products

  • Portable:

As a portable minicab, you can go with your baby to the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom or anywhere in the house feasibly.


  • Adjustable anywhere:

If you bought a crib, and you prick your baby. You can put the baby nest inside, and by making it more collected, it will make you feel protected, and you may not wake up so many times!


  • Can be a bed itself:

To collect, if you are afraid to sleep with your baby in bed, but you need it for your survival. You can put the nest between the two, on top of the sheets, to be able to hug your little one without fear of crashing. We can put the Baby Nest, in bed, next to the bed or in the crib next to the mother. The padded and low edges allow us to maintain eye contact with the baby at all times. Also, we can use it in the stroller during its first walks.


  • Best for traveling:

To travel, lovers of camping, vans, hotels, the spectacular travel cot, and enjoy your nest!


  • Beautiful:

For the love of beauty! Because we must recognize that they are beautiful and give a touch of color to any house!


The baby nests are very versatile and ideal for co-sleeping with the baby during their first months. However, they are far from being a novelty, in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom the co-sleeping with the newborn has been practicing for many years and the baby nest is ideal to provide the baby with an environment adapted to his measure where he feels safe / and trusted. In addition, the co-sleeping during the first months of the baby’s life generates a sensation of tranquility that impacts on a higher quality of sleep.


Our delicate baby care product:

Protect your little one with a soft, warm baby nest with a design so special that you will not find another like it, with Mama n Me.


The process of selection:

baby nest, baby care, baby product, mamanme

Mama n Me is a signature of accessories and decorative elements for children, although their parents and especially their mothers also have an important place for us. Each new season we make a careful selection of articles, fabrics, and prints to offer the best accessories and the most unique furniture for the first months of newborn babies. Founded by expert mothers, our company knows what the current needs are and what the parents are looking for, and we adjust our gender following the needs and requirements parents faced while parenting.

The Baby Nests that you will find in Mama n Me are perfect to cover your baby in the cart, the crib, the mini-cot, the carrycot, the sofa or wherever you want and also as gifts for newborns. The fabrics we use for the interior protect the little one and favor their rest thanks to their warmth and softness. They are also totally respectful materials with the skin of the smallest, which avoids possible inflammations and redness.


A perfect complement to Motherhood:


baby nest baby product baby care mamanme

We want our Baby Nests to be the perfect complement for you and to find in them the versatility that you require. To achieve this, we combine practicality with aesthetics in each of the models that you will find in our firm. The design is an increasingly decisive factor when buying baby items, as parents do not only look for quality and good prices. Getting a pattern and color that are consistent with our preferences is an often complex task, which is why we decided to undertake the great adventure that Mama n Me means for us.

Our Product:

We have Baby Nests for summer, smooth or patterned designs, colorful or neutral and much, much more. We invite you to discover the world of Mama n Me, your brand of accessories and decoration for the little ones that know what you need and provides it with all the facilities and guarantees. If you are looking for the perfect baby and mother products for you and your little one, you just have to browse our website and decide on one. Yes, we know, it’s not as easy as it seems to choose among so many options, but nothing in this life is, right?


Lightness, versatility, and design are three of the characteristics most sought after by today’s parents. The aesthetic part is more and more important, beyond the practice, which is why in Mama n Me we decided to make classic components but adapted to current trends. Incorporate our Baby Nest in any room of your home and it will become the star item.

All the items you can buy from our firm are made with materials chosen in detail and beneficial for babies, and pay special attention to their finishes to arrive in perfect condition. The baby nest, a must in the rooms of the new members of the family.

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