Guide For Pregnancy: Sleep Difficulties And Solutions.

Pregnancy carries new purpose to the life of the mother – more charm, love, and everything seems more colorful and bright. That nine-month is a period marked with enormous pleasure coupled with excitement to a pregnant mother. The feeling of carrying a baby in your womb is a feeling that goes beyond words. If you are expecting a little angel in a little while, we understand the pleasure you are feeling right now, but with such a pleasure you are surely dealing with some problems – sleep difficulties. If you are, then our collection of useful maternity tips on selecting comfortable pillows and sleeping positions will give you comfort to sleep and make you realize how special and blessed pregnant women can be in spite of all those problems.

Here is a comprehensive guide and solutions to your stubborn slumber:

First Trimester

Pregnant Mother


Welcome to the first phase of pregnancy!

This is the beginning of an incredible journey of your bearing a baby. During the first trimester, most women deal with poor sleep difficulties and tend to get more sleep during the initial three months of pregnancy. High levels of the hormone progesterone can set off this unexpected necessity for taking more than often naps and come up with the feeling of heavy-eyed during the hours of sunlight. This shows up that pregnancy can make you feel tired at daytime and cause insomnia at the middle of the night for no apparent reason.

Here is a solution!

Selecting a best sleep position and pillow is crucial for healthy sleep. Side sleeping is the best position during the initial three months. Keep your legs and knees bent, and put a pillow between your legs for more comfy sleep. And for a pillow, invest in seahorse pillow. This pillow is contoured to cape all around you and give you nice a healthy sleep. Mama n Me has a variety of Sea Horse pillow to cater to your comfort.

Second Trimester

Pregnancy Period

The honeymoon period to feel the baby’s first movements!

It is your second trimester. Baby is developing, and you are waiting for him/her to call you a Mama. Unfortunately, you have to wait a little more and have to deal with sleep difficulties.

Here is a solution!

In this trimester, mommies are suggested to sleep with their head raised up on soft pillows. However, during the first three months, it’s safe to continue to sleep on your back. In the second trimester, it is best to lie on your side with a wedge pillow as your womb gains a bit more massive. Visit Mama n Me today to get your hands on your Wedge Pillow today and make your third trimester comfortable than ever.

Third Trimester

Mother Carrying a Baby

Congrats. It is your final phase of the journey!

The time duration that begins from week 28 of prenatal period and continues until you give birth to a baby is the most sleep challenged stage of pregnancy.

Since it is the final phase of your pregnancy trip and your body now learned to deal with the overabundance of fluctuations happening inside the womb. Though you don’t experience any strong indications, you may find it throbbing to have a lie-down, especially if it is your first baby. And you will surely be fascinated to know, that your sleeping position during the third trimester is important; mostly because your tummy is now growing larger to provide accommodations to your developing little one.

Here is a solution!

During these months, it is recommended to choose left side sleep position and get a curved or u-shaped pregnancy pillow between your legs and behind your back for additional support. Mama n Me makes the best U shaped pregnancy pillow for ultimate comfort during the last stages of pregnancy. Visit today.

Ensure a good and quality sleep time with a range of comfortable pregnancy pillows presented online by Mama n Me in Doha, Qatar.

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