How To Be A Better Parent

Parenting is one of the most difficult things that a person does in their lifetime. Parenting s something you never stop doing after you have a baby. It is one of the most rewarding yet tiring things to do that requires you to make sacrifices and leaving behind things you once thought were an integral part of your life. Parents go through hell and back for their children without showing any sign of the torment they had to go through to make their child happy. Thee award of parenting is to ee your child turn into a sort out the person who claims responsibility for his actions and lives a life where he shows the same care and endearment for his parents that they did when he was an infant.

Parenting is something that people learn as they go through it. It is not something you can figure out by reading a book or watching a video. You need to experience it before learning how to do it. As every child has a different thought process and goes through various different things it is impossible to figure out how to parent every child in the same manner. Here are Some things that do apply to all children and can help you take care of your child in a better way.


In this age of technology, we have grown more separated from the people closest to us than ever before. Modern technology is a great thing no doubt but it has surely taken its toll from us by making us nearly incapable of showing sentimental and emotional feelings properly. Communication is lost between parents and children and that is never a good thing. Children these days share more of their life with their friends than they do with their parents. That is why it is more important than ever before to be a friend towards your children, make time for your child, and talk to them about your day and provoke them to tell you about theirs. Make them feel comfortable about confiding their problems with you.

The Reward System

Most parents teach their children about the good and bad of this world by making them fear the bad parts. This technique puts the child in a corner and they feel that the only option that they have is to do the right thing otherwise they will have to face the consequences of the bad habit. This technique is not bad but it has a flaw in it, that being that the child never enjoys doing the right thing, they just feel like it is their only option. Rewarding your child with small items such as toys and candy will encourage them to keep doing the right thing and eventually that good thing will turn into a habit.

Casual Parenting

Now casual parenting is something that is not very common in eastern households. In eastern households, parents have a level of fear in the heart of the child which makes it hard for them to talk about certain things that they might want help with. Being casual with your kids eliminates that wall of fear and helps the kid feel comfortable in confiding in their parents telling them about things they otherwise wouldn’t seek help for and end up doing more damage to themselves. When your child tells you about something bad they have done, no matter how bad or infuriating it might be, help them understand that their action is wrong and what they could have done otherwise, in a way that a friend would.
Parenting is a storm emotional and physical activity that most people didn’t even think they would do before becoming a parent and it cannot be done just with materialistic items such as buying baby nest and baby pillows or getting them extravagant gifts to cheer them up. That helps too but it isn’t more important than emotional support. From the day they are born to the day they become parents, children always need unconditional love and emotional support from their parents. They need to feel loved no matter how bad they fall, they need their parents to lick them up so they can learn from their mistakes.

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