How to get over 3 common birth fear

Does your sleep get caught by the irrelevant thoughts and imaginations of having labor pains? Is birth fear makes you losing your emotions and sensibility which will lead you to affect your baby or you? Because of these unwanted thoughts, are you planning to go for an epidural? If yes, then this blog finds you well.

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8 out of 10 pregnant women faces anxiety and depression during her pregnancy, especially when it’s her first time but due to this, some withdraws the idea of carrying a baby and failed to give birth because of their phobia of birth fear.

A psychiatrist stated that the time a pregnant woman involves herself in anxiousness, the good moments of pregnancy get out of her way. When a woman gets pregnant, she substantially faces hormonal changes, which includes anxiety, depression, insomnia, hyper-sensitiveness, and fluctuation of sugar level and blood pressure.

Sheer care and need are required to get over the birth fear. There are common birth fears from which you can easily get over.

The first hint of fear:

Most women who suffer from chronic fear childbirth called “tokophobia”, are likely to lack their healthy span of pregnancy. Studies show out 10% of women are suffering from this unwanted fear which leads them to face painful experiences more.

There are females who experience tokophobia because they have heard the crucial birth stories, the situations or toxic moments from televisions might affect women in pregnancy. Then there is a group of women who are not aware or educated enough to get over the birth fear and remain in the anxiety or past brutal experiences which relatively affects their pregnancy in a pessimistic way.

The side effects: 

Anxiety during pregnancy leads to insomnia and other symptoms like eating a lot, headaches, high blood pressure, and low immunity. Women who are high anxiety patients go through labor complications and delivery pains more than the women who are healthy with body and minds. However, premature birth and low-weight birth of a baby is also the result of highly stressed pregnant women.
How to deal with anxiety in pregnancy
The initial thing is to know what bothers you, you can jot down your fears or can share to your close friend or a therapist. Then by gathering suitable solutions, you can structure your thoughts and can evaluate space for positiveness and care.
Let’s see how we can get over the most common birth fears;

Irritation and Pest

You can do breathing exercises, regular maternity exercises and yoga to keep your pregnancy light and relaxed. A good maternity pillow can help you prevent aches and pains. For back pain, U-shape pillow and pregnancy pillow is the best choice. Use them while sleeping or resting or even watching TV. It will save you from muscle stretch and body from stiffness.
Mama n me manufactures 100% recommended maternity pillows to calm down your pregnancy.

Epidural Pain

There are ways to deliver your baby, the safest is the normal also called vaginal delivery. C-section is the most sensitive yet painful delivery, until and unless you are not necessarily needed, ask your midwife or consultant to avoid C-section.
If complications occur try working out to believe that C-section is safer yet less painful than normal delivery. And watch successful C-section videos to make yourself satisfied.

Controlling your birth fear 

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You might have a personality to control and bear initial pregnancy pains, but as soon as these pains get subtle and thoughts of birth fear overlap your good moments, that’s where you need to align your control. Yoga is the best remedy to increase patience and resistance over your fears. Regular pregnancy exercises help prevent fatigue and anxiety of birth fear.

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