How to start your life with a newborn

It’s often heard you NEED to take care of yourself while feeding your baby, but what exactly people are unaware of is the fact that you simply cannot. The span of your pregnancy would be tough but the span of your motherhood in early ages would simply be tougher. The real task starts when you bring the little one home, you think you have prepared everything for your little one, but have you? From bedding to healthy food, and baby products to baby pillows everything should be aligned and organized so you know how to handle your baby in the most comfortable ways.

Following are some ways you can nurture your baby for the first few weeks;


It sounds normal when someone says you will hardly get to sleep with your newborn, and to my surprise, you didn’t get any of it. Attending an infant is as difficult as to pass the last days of your maternity. To know and understand the phenomenon we need to know a few facts first, babies are unaware of day and night for a period of time, they sleep when they feel comfortable and cozy, so the best way to make your baby sleep restfully is to have a good baby pod, a baby pod will give baby the feeling of warmth. A perfect baby pillow is a baby sheer need for deep sleep, and mothers who spend restless days and night nursing her child can also have a peaceful sleep. A mother can also maintain her child’s feeding time and set her schedule according to that, feeding after every 3 hours in days and 5 hours at night might be a good treat to your own sleep as well.

A good baby pillow is a sheer solution for all the infant babies. The baby nest is recommended to be used for 0-6 months and the Baby pod is to be used 6 months -1 year for a good development of the baby.


It’s absolutely natural when a baby cries.  Babies cry when they are not in their comfort zone, whether it be due to lack of sleep, or they are hungry or pooping, and at times they cry for absolutely no apparent reason, that means they are getting hurt or anything, that might be a wet nappy or cold or maybe a hard pillow, it is important to know their needs and understand their language. You can assure your presence to your child because none the less he/ she is going to ask for you by their gestures. Try changing the bedding if your child gets disturbed sleep at night. Baby Nest for the infants is the best bedding for so far, especially for the kids who struggle with their sleep.

Mama n Me is the best online portal for mother and baby care products, buy your desired product for your baby and give him a restful sleep.


How to start your life with a newborn

When it comes to giving your child the best nutrients, breastfeeding is for most the best appetite for the baby. But for that it is important to have a healthy diet yourself for the proper lactation process, you have to have access to water intake, stress, lack of sleep can result in less milk production. So it is compulsory to have a fully nutritious diet, now a right way of feeding can eliminate the incidents caused by wrong way of handling babies while breastfeeding. A nursing pillow is the best source by which you can feed your child in a proper way.

Mama n me manufactures the best mother and baby care products across Doha, Qatar. Try out their Nursing Pillows, Baby Pod, and Baby Nest for ultimate baby care.


How to start your life with a newborn

Now you might think, what’s the point talking about your child’s poop? Well, there is, new mothers need to know how your child’s poop can describe the inner state of your child. Newborn children poop has different tones, surfaces, and frequencies. In the start around 24 hours of life, stools are thick, sticky, and tannish dim in shading—called meconium. After a few days of life, the stools of breastfed babies help in shading from dull to darker to green to yellow. They similarly change consistency from sticky to feeble to curds like to looser. Also, when newborn children poop they strain so hard their face can turn bright red and that is okay. Additionally, some newborns may not stool for many days or two, while others will poop after each feed.


How to start your life with a newborn
















Every child loses weight after when he born, losing weight isn’t something to get worried for, rather if the child does not gain weight after the two weeks of life and shows weak motor skills then a good pediatrician is to be consulted.


How to start your life with a newborn

It’s a stereotype to say that babies have soft supple skin, the most newborn has dry flaky skin, it gets peeled after the first day, and it’s absolutely fine if you get to see your baby’s dryness and harshness on the skin. Instead, you may open up to rashes and bumps, pimples and reddens. These all are normal skin condition every baby suffer and will pass by time. No abrupt treatment needed. Just a good lotion and moisturizer will work just perfectly fine.

Baby’s skin is sensitive and has low audacity to suffer allergies and bacterial infections. To prevent all these, it is recommended by the doctor to use antimicrobial bedding and duvets for the child so as to stay protected.

Baby’s Hiccups:

How to start your life with a newborn

You’ll think it is so adorable the first time your child hiccups, wheezes and even spits up a bit. In any case, at that point, it proceeds and continues endlessly and on. While these practices rarely trouble the infant, they regularly truly trouble the parents. Try not to stress. It’s an ordinary piece of early stages of infancy. For whatever span of time that he is feeding and putting on weight ordinarily, there is no point of concerned. On the off chance that the spit up compounds, is shot, or you see blood, call your pediatrician.

The Note:

By no means, will this complete set you up for life with your baby? You will have questions every day, hour and minute you are home with your youngster. Record them as you think of them as and take them with you to your infant kid’s routine checkup. Remember that you can by and large call your baby’s pediatrician if something is squeezing or you’re unsure of what to do that is what we’re here for. Everything you thought and prepared yourself for cannot always go accordingly.

For any assistance, read our blogs exclusively created for new mothers and mothers to be. Mama n Me provides complete comfort and care you seek for your child, from bedding to maternity pillows and so on. We make your motherhood easier so you can enjoy every bit of it.

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