Pre-Pregnancy Tips by Mama N Me

Most of the couples forge to have their baby right after marriage, but it’s essential to know what prior steps should be taken before pregnancy. As parenthood relies for both the partners, it’s important to work for it by both of them.

Before starting a family, have you ever thought of the consequences you will going to meet each day? Let’s sort this out together. Following a sheer healthy diet will accelerate you to head an absolute healthy and happy life with your husband and upcoming baby.

Some useful tips for your healthy life style;


routine checkup

To proffer your baby an exemplary life style, the first step is to give yourself a proper one. Before conceiving a pre-conception check-up is a must to have, consult a doctor and propose your baby plan. A physical and internal exam of your body will guide you to fore see what primary steps you may need to conceive and plan the baby.

The counseling is the core tip.



Sharing with Partner

It’s important to have an absolute understanding between you and your partner. Tell your insight fears and ideas and how you will share childcare, and manage your workplace (if you work) or staying home, the financial plans and needs. Line up your priorities and expectations because the baby will bring a massive change in both of your lives so it is important to stay stress free in your pregnancy period.

There are partners who take time to get consent with the idea of erupting a family, so it’s never too late to be mother or wait for your partner’s approval. The decision is always the one which you won’t regret ever.



Cease smoking and alcohol

A bold NO might make you understand and realize that how smoking & alcohol can harm you and your baby. If you are indulge in any one of them, either you need to drop off an idea of conceiving or leave smoking because both can’t really work out. Excess intake of nicotine can result in infertility and can lower sperm count in men. It’s appraised that over 13% of pregnancy problems are caused by tobacco use and even a little exposure can withheld your pregnancy. In fact, a research shows that women who are a second hand smoker face problems while conceiving than those who aren’t. So it’s impartially important for your partner to stop smoking and engender a healthy environment for you. If you think you can reconcile and patch up with the idea of smoking? Let me tell you, YOU CANNOT.



No caffeine

Getting pregnant isn’t that easy as it seems right? And some checks are important to do, we are aware of less caffeine intake in our pregnancy period but have you even known that excess intake of caffeine can cause miss carriages and reduce your ovulation process. Researches said, even less than 200mg of caffeine a day can higher the chances of miscarriage. Common beverages like coffee, tea, energy drinks have caffeine existence of around 30-60 mg. A certain care is required in order to plan pregnancy.



Healthy diet

Your BMI (body mass index) has to be on point (20-24) when you are stepping ahead to grow your family. Overweight or underweight, both will reduce your fertility and hormones. It can give sheer pressure to your menstrual cycle and disturbs the ovulation process.

If you have obesity, you should lose weight to regulate your menstrual cycle and to improve fertility. A perfect weight will prevent pregnancy complications like pre-birth, diabetes, preeclampsia and other birth defects.



Green vegetables

Your body should be stocked up with nutrients for a healthier pregnancy. Green vegetables are a great source of all multi-nutrients acting as an important supplement in your body. Fruits that are high in protein will boost your mechanism and enables your body to get prepare to conceive. Plenty of grains and calcium enriched foods like yogurt, milk, fortified juices should be your eat list from now.




Fitness plan

You don’t need to go to a gym or start a fitness challenge. What you need to do is EXERCISE. Daily exercise maximum for 30 minutes will be fit for your pregnancy plan so your body stays active and metabolized.



Save money

Money matters; before planning a pregnancy you need to oversee your budget. Financial capability is an essential tool to grow your family into a healthy and happy one. Financial stress is the most harmful stress one can get in the beginning of this sensitive period. You need to make up your mind that you must have sufficient savings to have all the care and need you and your baby wants.



Taking rest

To stay restful the primary thing you need is sleep. Sleep is the key to have a successful and healthy pregnancy. Have absolute sleep and rest every day.

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