Baby U-Pillow cover
Baby U-Pillow Cover QAR 39.00
Baby Pillow
Baby Pillow QAR 25.00

QAR 199.00

Baby U- Pillow made for your kid’s comfort, help makes meal times and breastfeeding now more comfortable for both mother and her child.

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Our classic Baby U-Pillow is a must-to have item that will make mealtime a breeze. They allow you to effortlessly hold your infant in the proper position while they breastfeed or even at meal times. U-shaped design evenly supports the outer areas of baby’s head while keeping pressure off the soft central area. Design aligns the neck and spine of the little one, and minimizes the tendency to roll over. Shop for the safest and 100% guaranteed U-shaped Pillows here at Mama n Me.