Pillow Mat QAR 159.00

QAR 249.00

Comfort is guaranteed moreover in your budget. Here high-quality polyester foam, high-quality beans, and the carefully curated fabric are selected for this bag. Seams are doubled ended switched and that too for maximum length and strength. It won’t leak, break or moreover get flat ever. Mama n Me is not behind in offering extra luxury to their buyer, they are providing a guarantee for their comfort.

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This Mama n me cozy and comfortable beanbag is multi functional. Loose polyester filled the bag. An alternative sofa, a children’s playground, a relaxing, the only thing you need to do is to sit on it. Ergonomic design, perfectly supporting kids’ back. Suitable for watching TV, playing games and reading books all seriously comfy business! Light enough for kids to move from room to room or out into the garden for outdoor activities.