The Bond Between A Mother And A Child

A mother is one of the greatest gifts of god to its children and children are the greatest gift to a mother. Both of them have an inseparable bond. If a child grows up without a mother, no matter how much a father tries to take care of that child, he will never be able to accomplish what a mother can. The bond that a mother and a child share is unlike any other relation. A mother loves her children unconditionally no matter how many times they hurt her or disobey her. Her love will never change. A mother will never discriminate between her children, no matter how successful the other siblings get a mother will always show equal love to all her kids as she spends the same amount of effort and time birthing them and bringing them into this world.

Mothers can sense when their kid is happy, sad, angry. Een when the child is not wanting to show those emotions or trying his best to suppress them, a mother will always know what is going on with her child without even asking them. A  mother is always aware of what her children are up to and what they are going through without them even uttering a word. They just know what is going on inside of their child. The bond of a mother and a child is unspoken and unseen anywhere else. A child and his mother can share stories and moments with each other without saying anything. A mother can tell what her child wants from the way they cry, that is a power only mothers possess. 

Mothers go through a lot just to even bring that child to existence. Creating a life inside of you for nine months is no easy feat. it is a painful yet life-altering experience. Giving birth was a much harder and complex process than it is today. Back in the day, there was no modern-day equipment to help with the pain or even Maternity pillows to help the mothers sleep well. Miscarriages were also very common due to the lack of medicine and facilities but in today’s age, we don’t face such issues. We have technology and medicine both working together to help us ensure that newborns don’t face any issues and the safety of the child and the mother is not compromised in any way. 

Even with the help of all the technology and medicine, pregnancy is still a very painful experience to go through, nine months of restlessness and constant emotional and physical pain all to give birth to another human, after all of that when a mother sees her child for the first time, that first cry of the child when it comes into this world makes the mother forget about everything bad that happened in those long nine months. It is a powerful bond between a child and a mother that cannot be seen anywhere else. 

Even though both of the parents play a vital role in the upbringing of a child, a mother will always have a stronger connection with the child, she will always be the one that the child trusts the most and she is the one who takes care of the kid most times. For the first few months, a child goes from his/her mother’s lap to the crib and from the crib to the mother’s lap. The most recognizable face for children in the first few months is the face of their mother. A child learns to crawl and then to walk all with the help of his mother, they say their first words most times right in front of their mother. Mothers have a more dominating role in the moral growth of a child while a father has more of a general influence over the kid. Not to say that fathers don’t have an equal place in the growth of a child but mothers are just more available for the child. Both parents are equally important for the child and the absence of even one of them could have many different effects on the child especially when they are growing up.

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