The Cycle Of Parenting In Different Ages

Being a parent is one of the most tiring and rewarding things in the world. It can bring you a ton of joyous moments and happy memories but sometimes it can also be an emotional mess that can really break you. Parenting isn’t really something you can take classes for, it is something you learn as you go. You can get tips and ideas on how to counter some problems but most of the time parents just have to figure out what to do on their own. There are a ton of books and videos that may claim on how to help your child behave or how to parent but all children are different and behave in different ways and everyone faces different challenges when it comes to parenting.

Children change with time and with each age group comes a different set of responsibilities and problems. When a child is born, parents have to just guess why their baby is crying. Motherly instincts come in handy in those situations but even at best they are still just guesses, you have to sacrifice your nights and your interests to comfort the baby and give it attention.

As a toddler, your child learns to speak and walk but at that age, you have to be extra cautious that they don’t get themselves hurt as they don’t fully comprehend what they are doing, as they grow up from ages of 4-10 you have to worry about getting them in the best school and helping them with their academic works which can be a huge challenge as you did not necessarily have the same textbooks and coursework that they have now.

As kids turn into teenagers that is when one of the most difficult parts being. It is an emotional rollercoaster, it is a mystery to really know what makes them happy, they want their space but at the same time, they want to be cared for. They want to be loved but they want to be distant, they want solutions but they don’t want to share their problems. Being a parent of a teenager can be really stressful and frustrating. You need to keep your cool and just go with it. It is excruciating to watch how teenagers snap at their parents like entitled people but at the end of the day they are your children and whenever they face a problem too much for them to handle they come right back to the arms that fed them.

After teenage, come the part where all your sacrifices can either be worth it or just amass to nothing. They have their own lives and their own interests to follow and passions to pursue. They get so lost in their life and their friends they just forget that they have parents. It is especially more painful than teenagers as back then they had to come around and some point, they had a feeling of guilt when they talked back but in the prime of youth, they feel no remorse. Those five years are what really make or break the relationship between the child and the parent. As stated earlier, not all children are the same some think differently and they stay close to their children while doing whatever it is they want to do. They take care of their parents, providing them with whatever it is they require and helping them out with things they now can’t do n their own.

As the parents start to see grey hair on their heads. Their children are now living a practical life. They have work to do and money to make, some people get lost in the world and work and end up pushing their parents away and some give up their interests to care about their parents while still working and making money to support themselves and their parents. This is the age where time does a total of 360. Parents who once used to buy pregnancy pillows to keep their little ones safe are getting pillows for mothers and other care and comfort items from their child that they grew.

In conclusion, caring for a child is hard. It takes a heavy toll on your personal life and even after all the pain and sacrifices, it is worth it to see your child turn into a person with a sense of responsibility and character. A proud moment for every parent is to see their child accomplish a life long goal and then be able to say “that is our child”.

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