The dark side of pregnancy

Women face many traumatizing issues during pregnancy and suffer from pains and pest if not being treated appropriately. The body experiences hormonal and internal changes as the time pass from the first trimester to the second trimester and so on.

In this blog, you will read some of the general problems every woman face in her pregnancy and what can be the steps to resolve those side effects.

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Mother care is very important when a woman is passing through her pregnancy, a good sleep, a nutrient diet, an appropriate workout are one of the few things which help pregnancy span lessen and more enjoyable.

Mama n me is the manufacturers of mother care and baby care products in Doha, Qatar. Each of its product proffers absolute comfort and prevents aches and pains.

First, let’s discuss a few problems a woman faces during her maternity period.

  • Constipation

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Constipation is the root of many diseases, as per gynecologist, constipation can create issues that can last long and develop other disorders especially during pregnancy. There are ways to avoid constipation;

  • High fiber food i.e. bread, cereals, fruits, pulses, and vegetables can prevent constipation, try eating them in your daily meal.
  • Exercise is the best way to avoid constipation, but only a correct way will affect. Consult a trainer or watch appropriate videos of exercises in pregnancy.
  • Water is a must, an efficient amount of water is necessary and can avoid constipation too.
  • While pregnancy, women usually face iron deficiency, and for that, they take iron supplements, which causes constipation. Try to have sufficient iron by vegetables and other natural resources, so you don’t need to take iron supplements.
  • Crampspregnancy, women, pains, cramps

Cramps are an abrupt sharp pain on your feet and calf muscles usually at night, it seems a subtle pain, which apparently does not have any reason but mostly occurs in pregnancy.

There are certain by which we can avoid cramps. Substantially cramps happen in the foot and ankle muscles and exercise is the best prevention, the blood circulation is important to avoid cramps and exercise help boost and circulate blood flow in the body.

You should exercise your foot in the following manner;

  • Stretch your legs and move your feet in an up/down motion minimum 30 times.
  • Rotate your feet one by one in a clockwise and anti-clockwise position 8 times each.
  • Repeat this exercise twice a day

For a prompt relaxation from cramps, you can rub the area of the muscle hard so it generates warmth, or you can pull your toes in a sudden motion to release the cramps instantly.

  • Getting faint in pregnancy

    pregnancy, faintness, weakness

Due to major hormonal changes women face a few symptoms like faintness, this happens because of less blood and oxygen transportation to the brain.

In standing up quickly, or sitting suddenly will likely to make you faint. You need to lessen your activities which uses your energy more or avoid lying on your back as it can make you faint.

There are some tips by which you can prevent faintness

  • After sitting or lying, don’t get up quickly rather try getting up slowly and steadily keeping your body posture align.
  • You can feel faint abruptly while standing, you should be seated quickly until your faintness passes away. And if it still doesn’t then lie down.
  • Avoid lying on your back flat in trimester or in labor as it creates the chances of stillbirth.
  • Even being short breath is also one of the symptoms and to prevent that you can have sufficient water intake.
  • Feeling hot in pregnancy

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In pregnancy you sweat more than usual, you feel warmer due to the increase in blood flow to the skin.  Few tips can help you prevent you from feeling hot.

  • Wear natural fiber clothing rather than synthetic fiber, it is breathable and absorbent. And wear loose and baggy clothes
  • Stay in a cool environment, a low-temperature ac will work fine
  • Take bath daily to make you feel fresh


  • Incontinence in pregnancyincontinence, pregnancy, women, issues

    It is a common problem women face during and after pregnancy. The sudden spurt of pee and leak in laughing, coughing or sneezing, or when they move sudden or gets up from a sitting position. And this might happen often during the first trimester as the pelvic muscles around the bladder releases slightly to allocate the position of the baby for delivery.

You can simply talk to your midwife about that for the sheer assistance, and to your gynecologist or health visitor if this is still happening in your second trimester or third.

  • Frequently Peeing
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You will suffer to pee a lot in your almost whole pregnancy span, in last trimester of pregnancy it is due to baby’s head pressing your bladder.

  • How to reduce pee in pregnancy

If your sleep gets interrupted during the night, try cutting off your liquids in the late evening so you don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night. However, you need to have sufficient water intake in the day to keep your oxygen level up to date.

In the trimester it’s easier for women to move to and fro in order to empty their womb and feel relaxed. It will eventually lessen the pressure of womb on the bladder so you can empty it properly.

  • The alarming symptoms

When you experience blood in pee or sharp pains while peeing, consult a doctor as soon as possible, you might have a urine infection which needs prompt treatment. Having an intake of plenty of water can reduce pain and can make your urine less acidic. If these symptoms remain, contact your midwife or your consultant to get the proper treatment done.

In pregnancy avoid taking medicines, even when they don’t harm your pregnancy. Taking medicines without consulting your midwife or pharmacist can affect your pregnancy in numerous ways you don’t know about.

  • Hair & Skin Changes
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Hormonal changes happening in pregnancy will impact your nipples and the zone around them to go darker. Your skin complexion may get darken a bit, either in patches or all over the place.

Pigmentations, moles and spots may get swollen or darker too. A couple of women develop a dull line down the focal point of their stomach. These movements will well-ordered get in notice while in your 3rd trimester, however, your nipples may remain to some degree darker.

If you sunbathe while pregnancy, you may find your skin darker. Secure your skin with a high-factor sunscreen and don’t stay in the sun for a long time. Keeping good protection and securing skin in the sun is a sheer need.

In pregnancy you experience more hair growth in comparison when you are not pregnant, eventually, it won’t stay long and just after the birth of your baby you face massive hair loss and your hair get shorten and greasy.

  • Varicose Veins in Pregnancypregnancy, varicose, veins, issues

Varicose veins are veins that have become swollen. These veins usually found in pregnant women and women in obesity, they don’t harm you mostly but due to these, you face uneasiness and discomfort in your pregnancy span. These veins mostly affect the region of legs as there is less blood circulation.

These mostly get better after pregnancy and your veins get better by the time too.

Few tips to get rid of varicose veins:

  • Don’t sit with crossed legs
  • Don’t put on too much weight, as this increases the pressure
  • Sit with your legs up as often as you can to ease the discomfort
  • Avoid standing for long periods of time
  • Wear compression tights, can be found in a pharmacy – they won’t prevent varicose veins but can ease the discomfort
  • Try sleeping with your legs higher than the rest of your body – use maternity pillows under your ankles or put books under the foot of your bed
  • Do foot and other exercises, such as walking and swimming, which will help your circulation
  • Try these foot exercises:
  • Bend and stretch your foot up and down 30 times
  • Rotate your foot 8 times one way and 8 times the other
  • Repeat with the other foot

There are many other problems a woman faces during her pregnancy, but a correct pregnancy pillow, a proper health report can ease your maternity period.

Mama n me manufactures great maternity pillows and baby care products with hygienic and anti-bacterial properties to make your pregnancy span easier and comfortable, and prevent your aches and pains.

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