Are you getting infuriated with every day pain? It’s hard to riddle out this when you are experiencing the agony. As it is one of the accelerating pain affecting 80% of the population, massively in women experiencing pregnancy. The primary root of this is the swift in weight and the abrupt hormonal changes.

While in the development of the baby, it is in notice that mother’s body structure changes too. An occasional back pain and ligamentous laxity is bearable and can be nursed by simple therapy and exercise. But if the pain incremented and develop prolonged stiffness that can turn into “sciatica”.

Sciatica is a neurological symptoms originated by infuriation and inflammation of the nerves in lower back and travel till the large sciatic nerve in the back of each leg. However, this can be treated under the rightful ways and can be prevented by antenatal yoga, osteopathy, self-massage, a warm bath.

As back delivers the predominance in the body it is important to know and nurture certain mechanism to prevent the severity of pain. Few are the ways to lessen your backache and prevent the pest caused in pregnancy.



dont be steady

Steadiness makes your nerves stiffed, which resultant in staggering. Keep your body in motion, and accessible to work. Prolong sit will adjoin more discomfort. If you need to sit for a long period of time, utilize maternity pillows (try Mama N Me maternity products), they will proffer absolute comfort and allow you to rest in restive environments and places.



stretching woman

Although it is stereo-typically induced that moving and stretching your body is injurious in your pregnancy but a lot of gynecologists and researchers has now defined the importance of moving your body in pregnancy, they said a correct motion is necessary in this sensitive period. It will nurture a better growth to your baby and keeps you physically fit. In the first trimester, it is said to stay very conscious and protective for your body, don’t plunge or walk speedily yet don’t just sit and avoid getting up to make salad for yourself. You can do all the light chores, and in door exercises at home easily. But remember to stay organized and protective.



no to stress

Pregnancy brings a lot of turns in your lifestyle, and the major is invariably the bitter to swallow and accept, with the time a women experience mental and physical illness, it is vital to unload the stress and unburden yourself with pessimistic thoughts, as the nerves can then feel stretched which will resultant in tightening of your legs and back. Try to think optimistic and avoid indulging yourself in an inappropriate environment.



Drink more water in pregnancy

Intake of water is as essential as your food intake. We often get care free in drinking water which resultant in high dehydration. An average pregnant woman needs at least 10 cups of fluid per day as to prevent contractions that can trigger preterm labor. Water intake keeps your blood thin and easy to flow and maintain the blood pressure. Which keep your nerves prevented from swollen up.




Massage is a best exercise to open nerves wholly and prevent body aches. A body movement with proper massage is essential for the growth of your baby, as the mother’s body becomes flexible and stretchable.



Maternity pillow

Maternity pillows are important in this sensitive period. A woman experience brand new aches and get pest in handling them at times. And an appropriate way of rest is needed. Maternity pillows like, U-shaped pillow, Wedge Pillow, (available at mama n me) gives ultimate time to recover strength.


Especially, when you pivotal a trip(s), keep your car seat in an obtuse angle, preventing to sit like bucket shape, keep your knees in an easy position to avert stiffness. Take a cushion along and place it beside yourself. So you can feel comfortable and relaxed.


To proffer you ultimate rest and comfort, Mama n me sets great products to act as a relaxant for your aches. We often get tired of listening to false statement and promising products, but it resultant in heart wrecking and disappointment. Which is why we utilize supreme quality products to fulfill your trust and gives you the comfort your deserve.

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